BoomBeach TF RA2

Welcome to Task Force Red Alert 2

Thank you for joining our Task Force. Here are the basics need to know guides and rules….


  1. Be active on OP (Operation). Don’t worry if your level is low or your troops are not strong enough. Its important to attack and learn from it.
  2. Intel! We need intel.
  3. Active in chat. Feel free to open conversations with other commanders.


  • OP schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Sometimes Friday depending on Intel count. I have specifically picked those days being that Mondays (are busy as hell and everyone hates Mondays). Saturday and Sunday everyone is either with family outings or asleep.
  • Its important to participate and attack on OPs. Any damage is good damage. Feel free to ask for assistance from other commanders.
  • SOP Target: RL (rocket launcher) SL (shock launchers) BC (boom cannon).


to be continued…………..

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