About Me

I love designing and inventing stuff. I could spend hours on end visually designing in my head. I also enjoy modding Nerf on spare time. That’s all I can think of for now.

Thank You

  1. Nice iPad holder design. I have been trying to come up with a good mount for my car. U have any designs with a much smaller arm for car mounts.

  2. Corey Fleischer

    I’d be happy to purchase the wall mount if you could let me know where you obtained the articulated arm. Very cool project bro and well done!


  3. Got my ergotron arm… Let me know when you start selling the mounts dim3m!!

  4. Hi again. Have added an iPod charger to my mount – had to extend the lead with my trusty soldering iron. Interested in the speakers you have. What type are they? I will try and source them in the UK.

    Any chance of your email address? Might be able to trade ideas.



  5. So…you inspired me http://ow.ly/i/dcLO not painted yet, and I don’t need it to turn upside down, but so far I love it!! Thanks 🙂

    • I’m glad to have inspired you. Very simple materials and design. Great work!

      Would it be okay if I posted your work here on my blog.

      Anyways, thanks again.

  6. Saw your iPad mount vids and purchased the LX wall mount based on your success. If you look at the current Ergotron specs it shows that you can only tilt between 70° up and 5° down and in your vids the tilt is clearly going beyond 5° down. Did you mod the arm in some way, or did they change the design? Also, I find that even with the height tension at its lowest setting that the thing is still too spring-loaded and I can’t get the arm to maintain height very well. Thoughts? Please email me. Thanks.

    • Hi Tim.

      First, thanks for taking interest with my work. I appreciate it. Anyways, you’re right. I did mod the arm to enable it to tilt even more then the specs on the Ergotron. But I do have to warn you that once you mod the arm that way. I wouldn’t recommend using the arm for monitors or tvs, cause the weight/ tilt movement will be too much for the arm. With that aside. You will notice when you look at the tilting mechanism on the back of that arm. There are metal tabs that controls/ limits the tilts. There are 2 sets of tabs, first 2 tabls tags to the spring, which i recommend removing to ease the tilt movement. You will also need to trim that spring end. Cause it will snag on the back when tilting and make a snapping noise. The next 2 tabs limits the tilt angle. You can you pliers and the bend that back and forth till it comes off. As far as the tension and height on the lowest setting. I find it that, my iPad with the mount gives it enough weight that it stays at the right height. But without anything mounted, it does spring back into position. So please be careful too. Anyways, I hope that helps you out.

      Thanks again for taking interest.


  7. Thanks. I’ll probably do the tilt mod. As for weight, Ergotron says a minimum of 7 lbs. I’m not building your mount and am just using the VESA mount from TheGigEasy (http://tinyurl.com/6ncpcwa). Maybe I’ll end up strapping a lead weight to the arm end to provide enough weight 🙂

  8. hey, i really apresiate your creativity and all your hard work put in to your invetions! i ,my self, are big fan of nerf, love it! and well done for everything you put into your creations and good luck with anything else you deside to make. well done!!!

  9. I just bought a Bose L1 model 2 with T1. Where can i get this mount for my Ipad 1? ALSO…
    Do you have a mount for a Macbook Pro?

  10. Hello, I am very interested on how you did the Motorized pico dolly and the laser? I have the pico dolly and really waanted to do it like that… thank!!

    • Hi,
      Sorry for the late response. I will try to post a video on the new motorized dolly. This new one i created is more self contained and easy to add or remove from the dolly.


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  12. Hi, dim3m,

    Great iPad mount for the Bose L1 Compact. Is there a design or specs for this? It’s raising some admiring comments on a Bose forum.

    I know this was probably a one-off for you but I’d like to try my hand at building it. Even a parts list would be helpful.



    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for thanking interest. I wouldn’t recommend building due to the bulk and weight behind the whole thing. But I would recommend looking through Amazon for iPad mounts for stands/ mic stands and configure that to mount onto the Bose L1. During the time I built my mount. There wasn’t much mounts available so I hacked a monitor mount which is bulky, heavy and pricy for job done. Anyways, if you’re still interest. I could recommend different parts for a more simple design.

      Thanks again

      • I hear you. If you have some suggested components, that would give me a good starting point. It wasn’t clear to me what you used for the piping/mount to the Compact. I’m sure there are a variety of iPad mounts that could be customized. Many thanks.

  13. Hi there –

    This may be a long shot, but I know you posted some past videos (#1, #2) of the 2012 Quikdraw Kickstarter lens holster project on your YT channel. I’ve been looking for a v2 version of this holster and I thought I’d ask you if you ever received one for testing and would be willing to sell it to me. 

    I have a couple v1 Quikdraws and they work well, but I’m interested in the v2 that he never really brought to market (it is all black).

    Anyway, as a hiking photographer, I have been using the v1 for years as well as dabbling with the Peak Design Lens Kit. I’ve tried them all, but for my photography needs I usually just carry one extra lens and that gravity lock system is the best I’ve seen for security! And, I work at Adobe so you know I’m into photography 🙂

    So, if you have any leads on where I can get my hands on one of the v2 black ones I’d appreciate it!


    • Hey Alex,

      I found this comment today and I did reply to you on yt. Anyways, Im not really aware or remember about the version 2 but I do have a set of Quikdraws that I have power coated. Im sure you’re aware when we take these out and the sun reflects so perfectly into our eyes. I’d have to go into my garage and find the ones I powder coated. Fyi, powder coated paint is more durable than regular spray paint. I remember Powder coated mine black. I’ll check. Anyways, thanks for reaching out.


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