Double Mavericks

These are my double barrel Mavericks and double Mavericks. Hope you guys like it.

  1. You have also made a triple barrel mav right? Where is a cheap place to get the styrene for it, or what other material would work to connect the 3 mav barrels/chambers together?

    • I attempted to use styrene at 1/8″ thickness but it was too flimsy. You can try using 1/4″ thick wood. Its somewhat easy to cut. If you want something strong, try lexan/ polycarbonate plastic. Which can be hard to cut, if you don’t have the right tools. You can order plastics online like with cut to size. Or you could try like home depot. or hobby stores. Anyways, thanks for taking interest and good luck in your mods.


  2. One more question, Im having trouble remove the grey parts with the rod around the chamber of each gun. Any tips and if they snap is that okay because I don’t need them correct? And any other cheaper material that you think might work?

    • A 1/4 ” wood is cheap and easier to use. That should work. As for the removing the grey parts, they should come of easy when you take all the screws out.

      Hope that helps

  3. On the web, Why is the gun so expencive?

    • Hi,

      It takes 2 Nerf Mavericks to make one double barrel. The cheapest mavericks i could find is about $10 – $12 each plus tax. Plus the parts and materials I use are very tough so they dont break if you drop the gun. In the end, i really don’t make much out of making the guns. The price you see at the web is actually the lowest it can be. Any lower then i would be giving away free double barrel mavericks.

      Thanks for asking.

    • Okay I’m condvncei. Let’s put it to action.

  4. Do you have the longshot? If ya do, Please mod it?

  5. Cool gun. I love the disighns. Im 8

  6. can i buy that maverick shotgun double barrel mod from you

  7. I dont suppose you would put a video on how to make the triple barrel hmmm? I have all the parts im just not sure how some parts are connected

  8. by any chance will you be having the the 2 barrel nerf maverick mod that shoots out 2 darts on if you are email me please dim3m

  9. I want 1 of those 12 darts maverick.

  10. i will give you $40 for triple barrel

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