DIY iPad Wall Mount

About the Design

It wasn’t easy to come up with the design easy enough for everyone to make. There where things I had to consider before making it. First, I wanted the iPad mounted without taking it out of the case. I have looked around and saw a lot of mounts that requires you to remove your case before using it or use their case. Who wants to take out the iPad out of the case? And I already have a case. Some cases are even hard to remove and sometimes you could wear out the case by doing so. I considered mounting the iPad with the case so that its still an on the go device and easy to remove. Second, making my own wall mount arm would be very complex. The way it rotates and move in all directions is very hard to make. And plus, its going to hold my iPad, it has to be reliable. So I looked around the web for the best wall mount arm at a decent price. Third, Why the handles? Well, if you have used a wall mount such as this. You will notice that it does take some effort in moving the front tilting and rotational. Of course you can loosen the tension springs but still, there can be damage if you use the iPad to change the position. Forth, the Lexan/ Polycarbonate Plastic sheet. I looked into wood; its bulky, metal; hard to work with, ordinary plastic; would break easy. So I had some left over Lexan sheet from a previous project. At 1/4″ thick, its durable and sturdy enough to hold everything together. Fifth, Why the metal clips. At first testing this method, I was like “No, this metal ain’t touching my iPad”. Then after attaching the clips in the Lexan sheet and mounting my iPad. I have noticed that it doesn’t touch the glass of the iPad, it hugs the case just right. The springs are strong enough to hold the iPad but not enough to cause any damage. And last, I considered everyone who would like to make one. The construction and assembly has to be easy. So this is my iPad Mount.

Thank You for Reading


There are 3 main materials you need for your iPad mount. These are Lexan/ Polycarbonate Plastic sheet, 1/2″ PVC pipe and 2 Clip boards.

You may purchase the Lexan/ Polycarbonate Plastic sheet at TAP Plastics They provide custom cut at a great price.

For the Curve iPad Mount: 1/4″ thick x 8 1/2″ x 12 1/2″

Regular rectangle mount: 1/4″ thick x 8 1/2″ x 11″

Wall mount available at Provantage at great price.

  1. You say you ruled out wood but I was considering of 3mm MDF.
    What do you think?

    • Hi

      Thanks for your interest.
      I have used wood. I think it was 1/4″ solid wood. If you see the video with the Maverick color blue, that was the wooden version painted black. I moved into using really strong plastic cause the regular acrylic sometimes shatters during drilling. Also it matched the new clear Maverick. Anyways, wood or plastic will work.


  2. hey thanks for the idea. i am going to buy the mount and make this when i get my ipad (waiting for ipad 2!!). i will tell you how much i like i when i get it. im soo excited to get an ipad and make this. thanks again

  3. I was totally ready to build this, but the ergotron wall mount no longer points down. Bad for a bedside mount.

    • The current model I use is still available. And to make it point all the way down requires additional modding. And its a simple mod. There are two tabs behind the ergotron mount I use that letches to a spring that assists the mounting plate from tilting up and down. Remove these 2 tabs with pliers easily to disable the spring. You may also want to remove or trim off the spring later on. But caution. Once this mod is done. Using the ergotron for regular use like TV will no longer be effective. The TV would just face down due to the weight. Anyways, hope that helps.

    • Hey, that post leaves me feeling fohslio. Kudos to you!

  4. I’m going to make this but slightly modified. Instead of using the metal clips, I will be using a Wallee iPad case found here – ( ) , combined with the Wallee vesa adapter – ( ) . I still love the idea of the polycarbonate + pvc behind the iPAD, both for looks and to take the force when moving the Ergotron arm, so keeping everything else the same. This should make the iPAD easier to slip in and out, with no negatives I can think of.

  5. Hi
    Can you make me one because I want to buy it from you

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