iPad with L1 Bose speaker

iPad Bose L1 Mount

I placed the mount to my Bose L1

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  1. I want this setup – Please!
    I’m a DJ and have the BOSE L1 Compact and I use the iPad with the DJay app, my iPhone and a iPod classic 160GB. What do you recommend for me?


    • Hey Dan,

      Thanks for taking interest with my work. My Dj set up is a hobby of mine that keeps on growing. If you watched my other videos which include the brief case and mixer. That’s my current set up. I will post new pictures soon how it looks. As for making this set up for sale would sum up to a hefty price. There are 3 main components for the Bose L1 set up. (1) iPad mount, (2) wall mount and (3) L mount to the Bose. Aside from the wall mount, 1 & 2 is custom made. My rough estimate is around $400 to $500. Anyways, thanks for taking interest.


    • Great arcetli, thank you again for writing.

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