12 Dart Mavericks


I will be building a new workshop to create more 12 darts Maverick. Those really interested in purchasing one please leave a comment so I can estimate how many I will make. Time frame is around 2 months.

Note: The creation of one 12 darts Maverick requires 2 guns. Therefore, the price of 2 guns and the additional materials used = $40+. Also as for the Double Maverick requires 3 guns to make. So if i decide to sell that. It will cost more then 3 guns. Hope you guys understand.



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I make invensons.

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  1. I would like one please

  2. I want one, but a triple cylinder one would be even more cool, i am most interested in the dual barreled one

  3. Dude u and ur team are awesome and I would like to know the price of a double barrel maverick.

    Sam Hastings

    • Hey Sam,

      Thanks, Me and my team is actually only me. I do all my projects. Anyways, The double barrel maverick was sold around $45 back then. Now that the prices of the clear guns has gone up and hard to find. The price will go up very high due to its limited availability. I do not have any in stock yet. Still going to build more once i have time. Anyways, thanks for taking interest on my projects. By the way, in case you are talking about the other maverick, the one which are side by side, those are not for sale and very hard to make, It takes 3 maverick guns just to make one. But if someone pays a ridiculous amount of money. I might give it ago. Thanks


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