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Nifty MiniDrive

Nifty MiniDrive

Backed Kickstarter Project

12 Dart Mavericks


I will be building a new workshop to create more 12 darts Maverick. Those really interested in purchasing one please leave a comment so I can estimate how many I will make. Time frame is around 2 months.

Note: The creation of one 12 darts Maverick requires 2 guns. Therefore, the price of 2 guns and the additional materials used = $40+. Also as for the Double Maverick requires 3 guns to make. So if i decide to sell that. It will cost more then 3 guns. Hope you guys understand.



Vidcon 2012!

I was at Vidcon 2012 and met a lot of great youtube folks. Thanks to those AMAZING guys who took time to sign my Clear 12 darts Maverick.

Clear 12 Darts Maverick

Clear 12 Darts Maverick

Signed by, Mystery Guitar Man, Crew of Source Fed, iJustine, Matt, PVP and more.

Hulk smash!

Hulk smash!


Don’t Argue

Don't Argue


Motorized Pico Dolly

Motorized Pico Dolly <Click here for details

Bose L1 Setup

BOSEL1 dim3m

Pico Dolly – Motorized and Lasers!

My Pico Dolly Test Video